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We at Sun Mfg. have the capabilities of machining parts that cover a wide range of sizes and weights. On the small end of the scale we regularly machines parts in the 1/2" diameter range from 1" long to much longer. On the large end of the scale we have the capabilities of machining components up 76" in diameter and up to 60" long.

Our hollow spindle lathes give us the ability to machine parts up to 12" diameter in lengths to 20'.

The balance of our equipments covers all size ranges in between these extremes.

We are capable of running production runs of almost any quantity down to 1 piece prototype.

We have in place in our new shop a 10 ton bridge crane that runs the entire length of the building. We have also installed several jib cranes up to a 2 ton capacity around machine cells to assist our employee's in safely and efficiently loading parts of all different weights.